People who were born on Greenhow Hill in 1901 Census
But not living there in 1901

All places are in Yorkshire, unless otherwise stated

446 - People who said they were born at Greenhow
259 - People who said they were born at Greenhow and still living there in 1901
187 - People who said they were born at Greenhow, but who have moved away by 1901 (this list)
58% - Percentage still living in Greenhow in 1901
Name Birth Year
(in family)
Residence in 1901
Eliza Ambrose1862HeadSilverdale Lancashire
Duncan Andrew1899SonToxteth Park Lancashire
Isabella Andrew1897DaughterToxteth Park Lancashire
Cyril Armstrong1892SonWhitwood
Douglas Armstrong1897SonWhitwood
Fred Armstrong1898SonWhitwood
Harry Armstrong1900SonWhitwood
Isaac Armstrong1897SonWhitwood
Joseph Armstrong1895SonWhitwood
William Ashworth1877SonOswaldtwistle Lancashire
Mary A Atkinson1855WifeHartwith with Winsley
Alice Balmer1888DaughterNelson Lancashire
Ann Balmer1857HeadNelson Lancashire
Emily Balmer1892DaughterNelson Lancashire
Fred Balmer1881SonNelson Lancashire
Mary J Balmer1890DaughterNelson Lancashire
Sylvester Balmer1894SonNelson Lancashire
Tom Balmer1883SonNelson Lancashire
John W Barker1849HeadBradford
Richard Barker1844HeadNewbrough Northumberland
Thomas Barker1848HeadBrighouse
Letitia Barkes1883ServantCorbridge Northumberland
Robson Barrow1859HeadHeadingley cum Burley
Catherine Bell1824WifeHigh Bishopside and Low Bishopside
Maria Bell1841HeadKeighley
William Bell1842HeadBradford
Margeret Best1850HeadHipperholme
John Blackah1838HeadLeeds
Christopher Blackall1856HeadShipley
Charles Blackch1861CousinRochdale Lancashire
Mary J Bottomley1848 WifeOakworth
Annie Bowes1881Step DaughterSkipton
David Bowes1879BoarderNelson Lancashire
Ernest Bowes1875BoarderNelson Lancashire
George Bowes1873HeadNelson Lancashire
John Bowes1872HeadNelson Lancashire
Mary Bowes1876BoarderNelson Lancashire
Maud Bowes1881BoarderNelson Lancashire
Richard Bowes1882BoarderNelson Lancashire
Ann Brigg1850WifeHonley
Elizabeth Brooks1823HeadOtley
Alice Browes1871WifeUpper Stonebeck
Abraham Busfield1839HeadShipley
John Busfield1842HeadBradford
Jane A Caley1873WifeBrighouse
Annie E Calvert1854WifeHartwith with Winsley
John T Clark1856HeadHeadingley cum Burley
Nathan Coates1832HeadCarleton in Craven
Isabella Cryer1868WifeBarnoldswick
Dinah S Dawson1845WifeOakworth
Jane Ann Daykin1859WifeBradford
John Matcalfe Daykin1852HeadBradford
Catherine Dougill1865WifeHigh Bishopside and Low Bishopside
Jane Dunn1869WifeHigh Bishopside and Low Bishopside
Jno Wm Dunn1866HeadHigh Bishopside and Low Bishopside
John Dunn1900SonHigh Bishopside and Low Bishopside
Mary A Dunn1843MotherHigh Bishopside and Low Bishopside
Sarah Duxbury1872WifeBarnoldswick
Albert Eidson1859HeadBarnoldswick
Eliza Eidson1876ServantBarden
Ann Emmott1829WifeHigh Bishopside and Low Bishopside
John Emsley1856HeadLancaster Lancashire
Elizabeth Ann Evans1872WifeTrawden Lancashire
John Fielding1854HeadScotton
Jane Fouse1851WifeArmley
Sam T Fryer1876SonHigh Bishopside and Low Bishopside
Albert Gill1862HeadArmley
Clara Gill1877DaughterBarnoldswick
David Gill1862HeadBarnoldswick
David Gill1820HeadSkipton
Dinah J Gill1851WifeSkipton
Fred Gill1879SonSkipton
George F Gill1879SonBarnoldswick
Moses Gill1834HeadBarnoldswick
Robert Gill1838HeadSkipton
Robert W B Gill1875SonBarnoldswick
Sam Gill1875SonSkipton
Sarah E Gill1881DaughterSkipton
Selena Gill1879DaughterBarnoldswick
Stephen B Gill1864HeadLothersdale
Elizabeth Gott1861WifeSilsden
Elizabeth Grange1844HeadClint
Maria Grange1846WifeDalton
Elizabeth Greaves1844WifeLinthwaite
Robert Greaves1835HeadLinthwaite
Margaret Greenwood1838MotherShipley
Eliza Hall1867WifeLeeds
Ellen Hall1825ServantFewston
Robert Halliday1859HeadHigh Bishopside and Low Bishopside
Jno R Hardcastle1891SonHigh Bishopside and Low Bishopside
Mary A Hardcastle1853WifeYork
William E Hardcastle1886SonHigh Bishopside and Low Bishopside
Eva Heaton1879WifeTrawden Lancashire
George Heaton1857HeadHigh Bishopside and Low Bishopside
Gertrude Herd1894DaughterHebden
Janie Herd1863WifeHebden
Mary A Herd1890DaughterHebden
Margaret Hill1874WifeKeighley
Hannah L Holmes1824Mother-in-lawOakworth
Mary Holmes1869WifeHigh Bishopside and Low Bishopside
Jane Holt1831HeadNelson Lancashire
Hannah Hudson1870WifeBradford
Dinah Ibbotson1846WifeThreshfield
Ada Ideson1880DaughterEmbsay with Eastby
Joseph Ideson1849HeadEmbsay with Eastby
Thomas Ideson1885SonEmbsay with Eastby
Sarah Kaberry1818HeadNottingham Nottinghamshire
Elizabeth A Longthorn1873DaughterWesterton Durham
James Longthorn1884SonWesterton Durham
John Longthorn1830HeadHebden
Charles Longthorne1879BoarderBradford
Alice Lonsdale1883DaughterBarnoldswick
Ann Lonsdale1855HeadBradford
Annie Lonsdale1880VisitorBradford
Matthew Lonsdale1861HeadBarnoldswick
Lilly Lougthorn1887Step DaughterHebden
Thomas Lougthorn1884StepSonHebden
Willm M Lougthorn1857HeadHebden
Francis R Mackwell1849HeadBradford
Ann Marshall1824HeadBradford
Sarah A Marshall1885Niece High Bishopside and Low Bishopside
Wm Marshall1872Brother-in-lawHigh Bishopside and Low Bishopside
Hannah McCone1861HeadBaildon
Gorge Metcalfe1849HeadHigh Bishopside and Low Bishopside
Sarah J Milner1867WifeHigh Bishopside and Low Bishopside
Jane Monk1867SisterNelson Lancashire
Alice Newbold1883DaughterBarnoldswick
Annie Newbold1861WifeBarnoldswick
G Earnest Newbold1880SonBarnoldswick
Thomas Newbold1879SonBarnoldswick
Agnes Newbould1881WifeStanley
Sarah Newbould1848WifeShipley
Elizabeth Nicholson1862WifeBradford
Sarah Pallister1831WifeLongwood
Mary Ann Parker1862BoarderOswaldtwistle Lancashire
Jane Pate1832HeadSkipton
Margaret Pearson1865WifeNelson Lancashire
Lovetta Pickard1854HeadHartwith with Winsley
Sarah Pounds1867HeadHigh Bishopside and Low Bishopside
Aaron Pratt1861HeadHartwith with Winsley
George Pratt1870HeadBrearton
James Pratt1825HeadBingley
John Pratt1847VisitorKeighley
Matthias Pratt1897InmateHigh Bishopside and Low Bishopside
Hannah Proell1860WifeHigh Bishopside and Low Bishopside
Ellen Raw1860WifeHigh Bishopside and Low Bishopside
Phoebe Ridley1884ServantPannal
M A Robert1871High Bishopside and Low Bishopside
Hannah Row1842SisterHigh Bishopside and Low Bishopside
Lizzie Scaife1873ServantNelson Lancashire
Alice Simpson1877SisterHigh Bishopside and Low Bishopside
Edith A Simpson1878DaughterSkipton
James Simpson1875BrotherHigh Bishopside and Low Bishopside
John Simpson1839HeadSkipton
John Simpson1869HeadSkipton
Joseph Simpson1862HeadEmbsay with Eastby
Joseph Simpson1845HeadShadwell
Mary Simpson1840WifeSkipton
Solomon Simpson1834HeadFountains Earth
William Simpson1863HeadHigh Bishopside and Low Bishopside
Albert Skaife1868HeadBradford
Grace Smithson1860HeadNelson Lancashire
Joseph Smithson1831HeadNether Hallam
Thomas Smithson1859HeadLeathley
Maria Sowden1832HeadBradford
Charles Stobbs1859HeadBarnoldswick
James Stoney1863HeadDacre
Aaron Storey1850HeadHigh Bishopside and Low Bishopside
David Storey1855HeadAddingham
Jno Wm Storey1861HeadBradford
William Storey1864HeadHigh Bishopside and Low Bishopside
Ralp Sunter1823InmateHigh Bishopside and Low Bishopside
Mary Ann Thompson1881DaughterHigh Bishopside and Low Bishopside
Percy Thompson1878SonHigh Bishopside and Low Bishopside
Amelia Waterworth1864WifeBarnoldswick
Marmaduke Watson1846HeadFarnhill
Ambrose Whitehead1849HeadSkipton
Arthur Whitehead1865HeadNorth Manchester Lancashire
Edwin Whitehead1879BoarderHartwith with Winsley
Fred Whitehead1882Nephew Hebden
John Whitehead1853HeadBradford
John J Whitehead1874ServantGisburn
Phoebe Whitehead1881Niece Hebden
Thomas S Whitehead1841HeadStockton on Tees Durham
William Whitehead1857HeadBradford
William Whitehead1879Nephew Hebden
Ada Willis1857SisterBradford
Joseph Wright1897SonFountains Earth