People who were born on Greenhow Hill in 1861 Census

All places are in Yorkshire, unless otherwise stated
Name Birth Year
(in family)
Residence in 1861
Ann Eliz Airey 1830 Wife Yarm
William Airey 1856 Son Yarm
William Bagshaw 1781 Father Burley
Dinnah Bambrough 1845 Daughter Morton
Eliza Bambrough 1841 Daughter Morton
Jane Bambrough 1813 Head Morton
Maria Bambrough 1841 Daughter Morton
Robart Bambrough 1849 Son Morton
Sarah Jane Bambrough 1837 Daughter Morton
Grace Barke 1846 Servant Fountains Earth
Hannah Baxter 1808 Wife Cononley
Amelia Bell 1818 Servant Hunsworth
Alice Bentham 1829 Wife Newchurch Lancashire
Mary Bentley 1818 Head Cononley
Nancy Booth 1799 Wife Idle
Elizabeth Brooks 1823 Wife Otley
James Burfield 1815 Head Morton
John Busfield 1827 Head Morton
Sarah Bussfield 1846 Un Bolton Abbey
Elizabeth Calval 1805 Wife Morton
Elizabeth Calval 1835 Daughter Morton
Mary Casson 1822 Wife Otley
Thomas Cherry 1814 Head Cononley
Sarah Chester 1840 Wife Gargrave
Margaret Clarke 1790 Wife Carlton Highdale
John Coates 1819 Head Cononley
Mary J Coates 1819 Wife Cononley
Nathan Coates 1832 Lodger Carlton
Robert Coates 1830 Head Cononley
William Coates 1815 Head Cononley
Jacob Constantine 1816 Head Northowram
James Cotes 1826 Head Glusburn
Hannah Dagget 1846 Servant Gargrave
Mary Dagget 1856 Daughter Burnsall
Bayne Dickinson 1827 Head Pudsey
Thomas Dickinson 1819 Head Farnley
William Dickinson 1822 Head Bowling
Ann Eastwood 1822 Wife Morton
Sarah Eidson 1823 Sister Morton
David Fielding 1850 Son Burley
John Fielding 1841 Son Burley
Mary Fielding 1848 Daughter Burley
Rebecca Fielding 1809 Head Burley
Sarah Fielding 1839 Daughter Burley
Ann Grange 1825 Wife Bishopside
Jane Green 1842 Servant Skipton
Sarah Green 1831 Servant Cheltenham Gloucestershire
Alice Greenwood 1827 Wife Morton
Hannah Greenwood 1822 Wife Morton
Eliza Pratt Halliday 1843 Daughter-in-law Glusburn
George Halliday 1809 Head Glusburn
William Halliday 1846 Son-in-law Glusburn
Joseph Hannam 1805 Head Cononley
Richard Hannam 1822 Head Addingham
Richard Hannam 1835 Son Cononley
Elizabeth Hannum 1844 Sister Keighley
Hannah Hannum 1835 H;l Keighley
Nancy Hannum 1843 Sister Keighley
Ann Hanson 1829 Wife Menston
William Hanssen 1818 Head Glusburn
Elizabeth Holmes 1820 Wife Hazlewood with Storiths
Mary Kilson 1829 Wife Eccleshill
S L 1838 Inmate Leeds
Sarah Langstaff 1793 Head Linton
Hannah Lee 1817 Wife Bowling
Joseph Lernpson 1822 Head Glusburn
Dinah Lord 1812 Wife Keighley
Jane Lowers 1845 Servant Skipton
Ralph Ludburn 1811 Lodger Rastrick
Mary Ludlam 1830 Head Skipton
Alice Lund 1831 Wife Beamsley in Addingham
David Marshal 1834 Son-in-law Morton
David Marshall 1804 Head Morton
Elizabeth Marshall 1805 Wife Morton
Jabas Marshall 1838 Son Morton
Magiet Marshall 1835 Daughter Morton
Ann Maxfield 1835 Inmate High Bishopside and Low Bishopside
Hannah Maxfield 1811 Head Skipton
John Maxfield 1796 Brother-in-law Morton
Ann E Moulden 1850 Daughter Leeds
Margret Moulden 1826 Wife Leeds
Mark Newbold 1815 Head Burley
James Newbould 1828 Head Cononley
Eliza Parrot 1820 Head Morton
Mary Peacock 1776 Wife Burnsall
James Pratt 1825 Head Bingley
Maria Pratt 1829 Daughter Burley
Michael Pratt 1793 Head Burley
Nancy Pratt 1824 Daughter Bingley
Robinson Pratt 1827 Head Manningham
Thomas Pratt 1793 Head Bingley
John Preece 1845 Grandson St Marylebone Middlesex
Sarah Raw 1806 Wife Bishopside
Zillah Rawnsley 1830 Wife Burley
Sarah Reberry 1818 Wife Bishopside
Ruth Reynard 1833 Wife Ripley
Sarah A Sandars 1859 Visitor Bradley
Mary Scaife 1833 Wife Skipton
Hannah Sellers 1857 Daughter Bilton with Harrogate
Mariah Sidgwick 1817 Head Morton
Ann Simpson 1842 Daughter Linton
Anna Simpson 1834 Daughter Skipton
David Simpson 1835 Son Skipton
George Simpson 1837 Son Bishopside
George Simpson 1782 Head Burnsall
George Simpson 1833 Son Linton
James Simpson 1845 Servant Bordley
Jane Simpson 1843 Servant Embsay with Eastby
Jane Simpson 1840 Servant Skipton
John Simpson 1809 Head Bishopside
John Simpson 1822 Head Embsay with Eastby
John Simpson 1828 Head Tong
Joseph Simpson 1798 Head Skipton
Jospeh Simpson 1832 Head Peterborough St Mary Northamptonshire
Nanny Simpson 1770 Sister Burnsall
Sarah Simpson 1831 Boarder Bishopside
William Simpson 1803 Head Linton
John Smith 1817 Head Skipton
Harriet Smithson 1836 Sister-in-law Newchurch Lancashire
James Smithson 1845 Brother-in-law Newchurch Lancashire
Joseph Smithson 1831 Head Stoney Middleton Derbyshire
Amos Smithston 1837 Boarder Cousin Cononley
George Smithston 1830 Head Cononley
Christopher Storey 1843 Son Bishopside
David Storey 1839 Son Bishopside
Jane Storey 1815 Wife Bishopside
Joseph Storey 1850 Son Bishopside
Maria Storey 1848 Daughter Bishopside
Maria Storey 1838 Servant Bradford
Marshall Storey 1815 Head Bishopside
Thomas Storey 1846 Son Bishopside
William Storey 1854 Son Bishopside
Elizabeth Sugden 1821 Wife Ashton under Lyne and Audenshaw Lancashire
Eliz Summersgill 1807 Wife Burley
Jacob Seplemus Sunter 1801 Head Carperby cum Thoresby
Smith Sunter 1824 Head Bradford
Hannah Tasker 1821 Wife Newton in Makerfield Lancashire
Ann Teal 1795 Wife Great Timble
Jane Thompson 1812 Wife Skipton
Thomas Turner 1831 Son Cononley
Elizabeth Watson 1843 Daughter Cononley
George Watson 1810 Head Cononley
Jane Watson 1818 Wife Cononley
John Watson 1851 Son Cononley
Marmaduke Watson 1846 Son Cononley
Mary Ann Watson 1849 Daughter Cononley
Thomas Watson 1841 Son Cononley
James West 1798 Head Great Bolton Lancashire
Stephen Kitshen West 1805 Boarder Oldham Lancashire
Maria Whitaker 1826 Daughter Morton
George White 1785 Head Burnsall
Isabella White 1795 Wife Burnsall
Eliza Whitehead 1830 Sister Newchurch Lancashire
Thos Whitehead 1841 Brother Newchurch Lancashire
William Whitehead 1824 Head Newchurch Lancashire
John Whitettend 1830 Head Newchurch Lancashire
Matthew Whitettend 1801 Visitor Newchurch Lancashire
Robert Whitettend 1836 Head Newchurch Lancashire
Elizabeth Wilkinson 1832 Wife Embsay with Eastby
Jane Williamson 1817 Wife Hulme Lancashire
Margaret Wilson 1824 Wife Skipton