Pateley Bridge - Baptism Register
Entries relating to Greenhow Hill, Coldstones, Hardcastle,
Holebottom & Moorhouses 1699 - 1750

1699 1-Jan Newbold Jane d George Moorhouses
1699 6-Jan Simpson Sarah d John Greenhow Hill
1700 5-May Mortin Maria d William Coldstones Fold
1700 12-May Lupton Ann d John High Hardcastle
1701 20-Oct Needham Michael s Robert Greenhow Hill
1701 16-Nov Hall Judith d George Greenhow Hill
1701 26-Dec Bagshaw Robert s Robert Greenhow Hill
1701 26-Dec Hebden Ann d Robert High Hardcastle
1702 3-May Carrington Maria d George Holebottom
1702 1-Sep Simpson Anthony s Anthony Greenhow Hill
1702 19-Oct Grange Michael s Thomas Moorhouses
1703 29-Feb Simpson Maria d Christopher Greenhow Hill
1703 14-Mar Drabb Susanna d William Greenhow Hill
1703 26-Mar Simpson Anna d Robert Greenhow Hill
1703 19-May Blackhay Maria d Francis Keld
1703 20-Jun Simpson Lydia d Peter Greenhow Hill
1703 10-Oct Rodwell Sarah d John Moorhouses
1703 15-Oct Ludlam Margaret d ??? Greenhow Hill
1703 22-Nov Mortin Robert s John Moorhouses
1703 24-Nov Rodwell Sarah d John Greenhow Hill
1704 23-Jan Hebden Peter s Robert High Hardcastle
1704 29-Jan Walker Anna d James Greenhow Hill
1704 27-Mar Parker Ann d Robert High Hardcastle
1704 3-Apr Simpson Emmanuel s Anthony Greenhow Hill
1704 14-Sep Hebden Benjamin s Robert Greenhow Hill
1704 30-Dec Rodwell Henrietta d John Coldstones Fold
1705 17-Jan Weatherhead Sarah d Thomas Holebottom
1705 19-Mar Frith John s Robert Greenhow Hill
1705 19-Mar Smith Jane s Samuel Keld
1705 8-Apr Walker Jane d James Greenhow Hill
1705 23-Apr Simpson Elizabeth d Charles Greenhow Hill
1705 3-Jun Yeates??? Henrietta d William Coldstones Fold
1705 29-Jun Woodrup Francis s Robert High Hardcastle
1705 5-Aug Pounder John s John Greenhow Hill
1705 5-Sep Jennings Maria d William High Hardcastle
1705 10-Dec Maxfield Maria d Abraham Greenhow Hill
1705 17-Dec Savage Judith d John Greenhow Hill
1705 22-Dec Blackhay Francis s Francis Greenhow Hill
1706 1-Jan Wait Henry s George Greenhow Hill
1706 1-Jan Simpson Israel s Christopher Greenhow Hill
1706 1-Jan Simpson Hannah d Peter Greenhow Hill
1706 22-Jan Simpson Joshua s Robert Greenhow Hill
1706 26-Feb Weatherhead John s Thomas Holebottom
1706 3-Mar Hebden Elizabeth d Robert High Hardcastle
1706 25-May Grange Maria d Thomas Moorhouses
1706 13-Oct Furnis Ann d Matthew Moorhouses
1706 29-Oct Pearson Elizabeth d William Greenhow Hill
1707 13-Feb Simpson Gritriling d John Greenhow Hill
1707 16-Feb Jennings Maria d William Hardcastle
1707 25-Feb Jow John s Richard Greenhow Hill
1707 17-Mar Drable John s William Greenhow Hill
1707 31-Mar Dowgill Maria d John Abbott Maria Dowgill Moorhouses Illegitimate (John from Wallingham Hill, Parorth)
1707 14-Apr Ward Catherine d Edward Greenhow Hill
1707 22-Apr Platts Thomas s Edward Greenhow Hill
1707 25-May Woodrup Elizabeth d Robert High Hardcastle
1707 20-Jul Carrington Elizabeth d George Holebottom
1707 21-Sep Hill Robert s Charles Coldstones Fold
1707 29-Sep Walker John s Jacob Keld
1707 13-Nov Ludlam William s William Keld
1707 2-Dec Simpson Joseph s Joseph Greenhow Hill
1708 23-Feb Simpson Ann d John Greenhow Hill
1708 29-Feb Bentley Robert s George Coldstones Fold
1708 29-Feb Savage ??? d John Greenhow Hill cannot read
1708 25-May Platts Maria d David Greenhow Hill
1708 6-Jun Bridbury Robert s Marm? Greenhow Hill
1708 15-Jun Blackhay Elizabeth d Francis Greenhow Hill
1708 5-Jul Ward Ann d Samuel High Hardcastle
1708 9-Aug Lupton Maria d John High Hardcastle
1708 24-Oct Blackhay Thomas s Thomas ???
1708 21-Nov Furnis Thomas s Matthew Moorhouses
1708 7-Dec Simpson Charles s Charles Greenhow Hill
1708 7-Dec Simpson David s Christopher Greenhow Hill
1708 12-Nov Parker William s Robert High Hardcastle
1708 13-Dec Weatherhead Sarah d Thomas Holebottom
1709 19-Jan Furnis Maria d Martin Greenhow Hill
1709 20-Feb Joy Maria d Francis Hardcastle
1709 23-Jul Simpson Elizabeth d Joseph Greenhow Hill
1709 29-Aug Waite George Keld
1709 4-Sep Habbershaw William s Henry Moorhouses
1709 13-Sep Drable Edmund s William Greenhow Hill
1709 3-Oct Ashton Maria d Thomas Greenhow Hill
1709 15-Nov Hill Edward s Charles Coldstones Fold
1709 28-Dec Ludlam John s William Greenhow Hill twins
1709 28-Dec Ludlam George s William Greenhow Hill twins
1710 22-Jan Hebden John s Robert Hardcastle
1710 5-Mar Newbold George s Robert Moorhouses
1710 7-Mar Maxfield Joseph s Abraham Coldstones Fold
1710 29-Mar Mortin Matthew s William Coldstones Fold
1710 3-Apr Carrington Benjamin s George Holebottom
1710 14-Aug Pearson Ann d William Coldstones Fold
1710 27-Aug Frith John s Robert Coldstones Fold
1710 11-Sep Pletts Edward s David Keld
1710 24-Sep Dowgill Ann d John Greenhow Hill
1710 3-Oct Thornilly Phebe d Jhus? Greenhow Hill Jhns = Johannes = John
1710 9-Oct Walker Jacob s Jacob Greenhow Hill
1710 23-Oct Pounder John s John Greenhow Hill
1710 23-Oct Rodwell John s John Greenhow Hill
1710 4-Dec Simpson Maria s Jhus? Greenhow Hill Jhns = Johannes = John
1710 20-Dec Savage John s Joseph Greenhow Hill twins
1710 20-Dec Savage Maria d Joseph Greenhow Hill twins
1711 2-Apr Blackhay George s Thomas Greenhow Hill
1711 2-Apr Blackhay Thomas s Francis Greenhow Hill
1711 3-Apr Joy Michael s Francis Holebottom
1711 15-Apr Fielding John s Joseph Greenhow Hill
1711 25-Jun Simpson Samuel s Charles Greenhow Hill
1711 16-Jul Simpson Peter s Joseph Greenhow Hill
1711 7-Oct Habbershaw Jacob s Henry Moorhouses
1711 15-Oct Needham Isaac s Robert Greenhow Hill
1711 22-Nov Ashton Edward s Thomas Greenhow Hill
1711 25-Dec Pounder Samuel s John Keld
1712 3-Feb Pearson Joseph s William Coldstones Fold
1712 31-Mar Savage Sarah d john Greenhow Hill
1712 8-Apr Drable Maria d John Greenhow Hill
1712 8-Apr Simpson Penelope d Christopher Greenhow Hill
1712 8-Apr Woodrup Robert s Robert High Hardcastle
1712 13-Apr Gill Maria d William Moorhouses
1712 11-May Parker Robert s Robert High Hardcastle
1712 9-Sep Waite Maria d George Greenhow Hill
1712 21-Sep Bland Thomas s Robert Moorhouses
1713 20-Jan Butterey John s John Greenhow Hill
1713 27-Jan Steel Christopher s Thomas Greenhow Hill
1713 10-Feb Rodwell Henry s John Greenhow Hill
1713 19-Feb Ward Maria d Edmund Greenhow Hill
1713 6-Mar Hall Ann d Edward Greenhow Hill
1713 17-May Pletts Maria d Elizabeth Greenhow Hill Spurious
1713 6-Sep Walker William s Jacob Greenhow Hill
1713 6-Sep Savil Maria d John Greenhow Hill
1713 11-Oct Simpson Grace d John Greenhow Hill
1713 6-Nov Frith Edith d Robert Coldstones Fold
1713 6-Nov Hall Ann d Robert Moorhouses
1713 16-Nov Simpson Soloman s Joseph Greenhow Hill
1713 22-Nov Habbershaw John s Henry Moorhouses
1714 29-Mar Simpson ??? d Charles Greenhow Hill
1714 4-Apr Newbold Mark s Robert Moorhouses
1714 8-Apr Savage John s John Greenhow Hill
1714 9-Jun Rodwell Isabella d William Coldstones Fold
1714 9-Sep Joy David s ??? Coldstones Fold cannot read
1714 26-Nov Blackhay Joseph s Francis Greenhow Hill
1715 Joy David David Hardcastle
1715 Habbershaw Robert s Henry Moorhouses
1716 1-Jan Parker John Robert High Hardcastle
1716 29-Jan Habbershaw Robert Henry Moorhouses
1716 15-Feb Joy David David Hardcastle
1716 1-Apr Frith Margaret Robert Coldstones
1716 8-Apr Savage May John Greenhow Hill
1716 18-Jun Simpson Sarah Joseph Greenhow Hill
1716 1-Jul Savage Thomas John Hardcastle
1716 23-Sep Chapman Thomas Joseph Low Hardcastle
1717 05-Mar Holt Henry Simon Greenhow Hill
1717 21-Apr Rodwell William William Coldstones
1717 24-Oct Woodrup Francis Robert High Hardcastle
1717 29-Oct Gill John William High Hardcastle
1717 5-Nov Bell Marmaduke Thomas High Hardcastle
1717 12-Nov Ward Richard Richard Greenhow Hill
1718 20-Mar Pletts James Thomas Coldstones
1718 23-Mar Gill John William Moorhouses
1718 7-Apr Simpson Hannah Joseph Greenhow Hill
1718 7-Apr Steel Thomas Thomas Greenhow Hill
1718 29-Jun Walker Sarah Daniel High Hardcastle
1718 7-Jul Blaikhay Penelope Thomas Greenhow Hill
1718 24-Jul Rodwell William John Greenhow Hill
1718 28-Jul Walker Hannah James Greenhow Hill
1718 18-Nov Dougill William John Greenhow Hill
1718 18-Nov Yeats Anne William Greenhow Hill
1719 22-Feb Joy Michael David Hardcastle
1719 27-Feb Lupton Elizabeth John High Hardcastle
1719 1-Mar Chapman Mary Joseph High Hardcastle
1720 23-Feb Ward Ann Richard Greenhow Hill
1720 3-Apr Simpson Dinah Joseph Greenhow Hill
1720 26-Apr Pounder Joseph John Greenhow Hill
1720 13-Sep Savil John John Hardcastle
1720 16-Oct Habbershay Henry Henry Coldstones Fold
1721 3-Apr Pletts James David Greenhow Kelld
1721 11-Jun Steel Matthias Thomas Greenhow Hill
1721 16-Jul King Esther John High Hardcastle
1721 5-Dec Rodwell Mary Henry jun Coldstones Fold
1721 31-Dec Parker Mary Robert Hardcastle
1722 3-Jun Holt Margaret Simon Greenhow Hill
1722 12-Sep Dougill John John Greenhow Hill
1723 3-Mar Habbershaw Mary Henry Coldstones Fold
1723 12-May Sam Thomas Thomas Greenhow Hill
1724 17-Feb Rodwell William Henry Coldstones
1724 10-May Marshall Isaac George Greenhow Hill
1724 18-May Canim Ellen Laurence Greenhow Hill
1724 18-May Steel Martha Thomas Greenhow Hill
1724 13-Jun Dowgill Mary George Greenhow Hill
1724 9-Aug Drable John William Greenhow Hill
1724 3-Oct Jow Richard Richard Greenhow Hill
1725 16-Mar Dowgill Mary John Greenhow Hill
1725 19-Jul Simpson Lidia Solomon Greenhow Hill
1725 6-Dec Ward George Richard Greenhow Hill
1725 6-Mar Habbershaw Anne Henry Greenhow Hill
1726 11-Apr Ward Mary William Hardcastle
1726 27-Jun Wodilove Joseph Joseph Coldstones Fold
1726 12-Jun Parker Elizabeth Robert Hardcastle
1726 6-Nov Sam Margaret Thomas Greenhow Hill
1726 28-Nov Jow Thomas John Greenhow Hill
1727 15-Feb Dowgill Dorothy George Greenhow Hill
1727 27-Jun Ward Catherine Richard Greenhow Hill
1727 18-Sep Bridberry Mary John Greenhow Hill
1727 10-Oct Dowgill Anne John Greenhow Hill
1727 26-Nov Drable Judeth William Greenhow Hill
1728 5-Jan Holt Sarah Simon Greenhow Hill
1728 22-Jan Maxfield Sarah Peter Coldstones Fold
1728 12-Apr Joy John David High Hardcastle
1728 10-Jun Cam Elias Laurence High Hardcastle
1728 23-Jun Bagshaw Anne Robert Greenhow Hill
1728 28-Jul Habbershaw George Henry Coldstones
1729 23-Mar Bridberry daughter of John Greenhow Hill
1730 14-Aug Ward Anne William Hardcastle
1730 11-Dec Ward George Richard Greenhow Hill
1730 6-Sep King John s Richard Low Wood
1730 11-Dec Ward George s Richard Greenhow Hill
1731 17-Mar Knolls Elizabeth Thomas Hardcastle
1731 9-Jul Maxfield John Leonard Greenhow Hill
1732 16-Jul Maxfield Isaac Leonard Greenhow Hill
1732 29-Jul Steel Elizabeth Thomas Greenhow Hill
1732 8-Oct Pounder John William Coldstones Fold
1732 8-Nov Dison John Valentine Greenhow Hill
1733 10-Jan Marshall William William Greenhow Hill
1733 25-Feb Jow Elizabeth John Greenhow Hill
1733 22-Jul Robinson Jane Edward Coldstones Fold
1733 1-Aug Maxfield Mary Leonard Greenhow Hill
1733 9-Sep Knowles Thomas Thomas High Hardcastle
1733 12-Nov Ludlam Elizabeth William Greenhow Hill
1733 4-Dec Hoult Anne Simon Greenhow Hill
1734 4-Jun Simpson Soloman Joseph Greenhow Hill
1734 28-Jun Young Robert Francis Coldstones Fold
1734 21-Jul Ward Catherine Richard Greenhow Hill
1734 25-Jul Rodwell Martha twin Robert Greenhow Hill
1734 25-Jul Rodwell Mary twin Robert Greenhow Hill
1734 21-Oct Bridberry Elizabeth Robert Greenhow Hill
1734 3-Nov Pounder William William Coldstones Fold
1734 18-Nov Jow Anne John Greenhow Hill
1734 26-Dec Asquith Jane Thomas Greenhow Hill
1734 26-Dec Simpson Israel David Greenhow Hill
1735 6-Jan Dison Mary Valentine Greenhow Hill
1735 6-Jan Joy stephen Robert Greenhow Hill
1735 10-Jan Andrewson John Thomas Hardcastle
1735 10-Feb Ludlam s William Greenhow Hill
1735 18-Feb Grange Anne William Noonstone
1735 3-Mar Simpson Mary Peter Greenhow Hill
1735 2-May Needham Christopher William Greenhow Hill
1735 11-May Newbat John Matthew Greenhow Hill
1735 17-Aug Metcalf Elizabeth Abraham Hardcastle
1735 30-Sep Wetherill Thomas Thomas Coldstones Fold
1736 9-Jan Bridberry Thomas Thomas Greenhow Hill
1736 22-Mar Asquith John Thomas Greenhow Hill
1736 20-Jun Ward Jane William Hardcastle
1736 25-Jul Weatherhead John Peter Coldstones
1736 15-Aug Drabble Anne William Greenhow Hill
1736 20-Oct Needham Francis s Edmund Greenhow Hill
1736 2-Nov Ludlam William William Greenhow Hill
1736 8-Dec Simpson Peter Joseph Greenhow Hill
1736 8-Dec Ashton John Thomas Greenhow Hill
1737 4-Jan Simpson John Peter Greenhow Hill
1737 14-Feb Needham Jane William Greenhow Hill
1737 14-Feb Pounder Joseph William Coldstones Fold
1737 28-Feb Thornhill Hodgson Isaac Greenhow Hill
1737 31-Mar Wetherill John Thomas Coldstones
1737 24-Apr Maxfield Martha Leonard Greenhow Hill
1737 8-May Dison Sarah Valentine Greenhow Hill
1737 7-Jun Grange Mary William Noonstone
1738 23-Jan Robinson Sarah Edward Coldstones Fold
1738 11-Feb Jow Sarah John Greenhow Hill
1738 24-Jun Robinson Metcalfe Metcalf Robinson Ann Maxfield Greenhow Hill miner
1738 16-Jul Grange Thomas Michael Toft Close
1738 15-Oct Ashton Thomas Edward Greenhow Hill
1738 5-Nov Grange John William Coldstones Fold
1738 10-Dec Weatherhead Mary Peter High Hardcastle
1739 25-Feb Blackly Sarah Thomas Greenhow Hill
1739 2-Mar Lupton John Thomas High Hardcastle
1739 28-May Pounder Peter William Coldstones Fold
1739 24-Jun Simpson Robert Peter Greenhow Hill
1739 24-Jun Bagshaw George Robert Greenhow Hill
1739 19-Sep Needham Margaret Thomas Needham Ann Blackey Greenhow Hill
1739 11-Nov Simpson John John Greenhow Hill
1739 11-Nov Ashough William Thomas Greenhow Hill
1739 12-Nov Dison Luke Valentine Greenhow Hill
1739 4-Dec Jow Mary John Greenhow Hill
1740 1-Jan Savill William John High Hardcastle
1740 6-Oct Needham Thomas William Greenhow Hill
1740 1-Jan Whaite John George Greenhow Hill
1740 27-Jan Simpson Sarah Henry Greenhow Hill
1740 19-Feb Walker Anne d unknown father Hannah Greenhow Hill
1740 16-Mar Weatherhead William Thomas High Hardcastle
1740 29-Jun Weatherhead Thomas Peter High Hardcastle
1740 3-Aug Simpson Jane David Greenhow Hill
1740 25-Nov Lupton Elizabeth d Thomas High Hardcastle
1740 30-Nov Pounder James William Coldstones Fold
1740 30-Nov Ludlam Anne William Greenhow Hill
1741 18-Jan Grange Frances s William Coldstones Fold
1741 26-Jan Walker Anne James Greenhow Hill
1741 1-Feb Robinson Isaac Edward Coldstones Fold
1741 29-Mar Joy James James High Hardcastle
1741 24-May Joy Michael David Coldstones Fold
1741 15-Sep Simpson Hannah Peter Greenhow Hill
1741 22-Nov Walker Elizabeth d Hannah Greenhow Hill
1742 3-Jan Broucks Nicholas Elizabeth Coldstones Fold
1742 21-Feb Blackey Thomas Mary Greenhow Hill
1742 7-Mar Weatherhead Sarah Peter High Hardcastle
1742 7-May Simpson Phebe d Henry Greenhow Hill
1742 17-May Metcalf Mary Abraham High Hardcastle
1742 19-Sep Simpson Elijah Peter Greenhow Hill
1742 24-Oct Bagshaw Robert Robert Greenhow Hill
1743 1-Jan Grange Sarah William Coldstones Fold
1743 13-Feb Parker William John High Hardcastle
1743 23-Mar Hindness John Robert Greenhow Hill
1743 6-Mar Weatherhead Mary Peter High Hardcastle
1743 20-Mar Parker James Jonathan High Hardcastle
1743 27-Mar Needham Elizabeth d Edmund Greenhow Hill
1743 27-Mar Pounder Robert William Coldstones Fold
1743 4-Apr Joy Anne David Coldstones Fold
1743 22-Apr Lupton Elizabeth d Thomas High Hardcastle
1743 22-May Simpson Joseph Joseph Greenhow Hill
1743 19-Jul Bentley Sarah Charles Greenhow Hill
1743 22-Aug Jow John John Greenhow Hill
1743 2-Oct Hardcastle Mary William Greenhow Hill
1743 22-Oct Stephens John Benjamin Greenhow Hill
1743 19-Nov Joy Mary James Greenhow Hill
1743 27-Dec West George George Greenhow Hill
1744 1-Jan Blackey Francis Thomas Greenhow Hill
1744 8-Apr Simpson Rebecca Peter Greenhow Hill
1744 3-Jun Grange George Thomas Noonstone
1744 17-Jun Ludlam Charles William Greenhow Hill
1744 17-Jul Saviage John Sarah Greenhow Hill
1744 7-Oct Weatherhead Elizabeth d Thomas High Hardcastle
1744 13-Oct Joy David David Greenhow Hill
1744 22-Oct Walker Thomas James Greenhow Hill
1744 2-Nov Weatherhead Anne Peter High Hardcastle
1744 2-Nov Joy Anne James Greenhow Hill
1745 22-Jan Simpson Anne Henry Greenhow Hill
1745 17-Feb Stoney Margaret John Coldstones Fold
1745 2-Mar Hought Simon John Greenhow Hill
1745 2-Jun Walker John Hannah Greenhow Hill
1745 2-Jun Walker John Daniel Greenhow Hill
1745 11-Aug Simpson James Joseph Greenhow Hill
1745 1-Dec Needham Mary William Greenhow Hill
1745 15-Dec Mortin Matthew John Coldstones Fold
1746 12-Jan Dowgill John John Greenhow Hill
1746 7-Feb Lupton Thomas Thomas High Hardcastle
1746 9-Feb Simpson Charles David Greenhow Hill
1746 4-Mar Gill Thomasin & Susanna d John Greenhow Hill
1746 9-Mar Pounder Agnes d William Coldstones Fold
1746 23-Mar Simpson Henry s John Greenhow Hill
1746 23-Mar Grainge William s William Coldstones Fold
1746 30-Mar Weatherhead Peter s Peter High Hardcastle
1746 13-Apr Joy Rebecca d David Greenhow Hill
1746 6-Jul Bagshaw John s Robert Greenhow Hill
1746 6-Jul Rodwell Henry s Anne Greenhow Hill
1746 27-Jul Weatherhead Richard s Thomas High Hardcastle
1747 24-Jan Newbolt Ellen d George Moorhouses
1747 2-Feb Parker John s Thomas High Hardcastle
1747 7-Feb Dougill Isabella d John Greenhow Hill
1747 7-Feb Simpson Anthony s Henry Greenhow Hill
1747 10-Feb Pounder Sarah d William Coldstones Fold
1747 17-Jun Simpson Anthony s Peter Greenhow Hill
1747 7-Jul Weatherhead Richard s Peter High Hardcastle
1747 19-Jul West Richard s George Greenhow Hill
1747 Grainge Ann d Peter Coldstones Fold
1748 20-Mar Simpson Phebe d John Greenhow Hill
1748 23-Mar Grainge Joseph s William Coldstones Fold
1748 24-Apr Grainge James s Thomas Moorhouses
1748 22-May Waite John s George Greenhow Hill
1748 22-May Blackey Joseph s Thomas Greenhow Hill
1748 19-Jun Habershaw Robert s William Moorhouses
1748 22-Aug Bell Dinah d William Holebottom
1748 15-Sep Blackow Elizabeth d John Greenhow Hill
1748 2-Oct Pearson Martha d Dunc ? Greenhow Hill
1748 26-Dec Walker Soloman s Daniel Greenhow Hill
1749 6-Jan Lupton Robert s Thomas High Hardcastle
1749 3-Feb Stott Esther d Henry High Hardcastle
1749 5-Feb Needham Sarah d William Greenhow Hill
1749 12-Mar Maxfield Martha a Abraham Coldstones Fold
1749 9-Apr Grainge Thomas s Peter Holebottom
1749 23-Apr Barber Rebecca d Esther Greenhow Hill
1749 10-Jun Motine John s John Coldstones Fold
1749 9-Jul Weatherhead Isabel d Peter High Hardcastle
1749 16-Jul Busfield Richard s Jeremy Greenhow Hill
1749 27-Aug Hannam Thomas s Thomas Noonstone
1749 12-Sep Stoney Thomas s William Moorhouses
1749 8-Nov Walker Mary d orson Greenhow Hill
1749 19-Nov Darnborough Elizabeth d francis ? Greenhow Hill
1749 3-Dec Burnet Sabella D Robert Greenhow Hill
1750 7-Jan Grainge Elizabeth d William Coldstones Fold
1750 23-Jan Knowles George s George High Hardcastle
1750 16-Feb Weatherhead Christopher s Thomas High Hardcastle
1750 20-Feb Bell Margaret d William Holebottom Mr
1750 29-Apr Thwaite Thomas s George Greenhow Hill
1750 21-May Pounder Mark s William Coldstones Fold
1750 24-Jul Simpson s John Greenhow Hill
1750 24-Jul Grainge Anne d Thomas Moorhouses
1750 2-Sep Simpson Elias s Peter Greenhow Hill
1750 9-Sep Grainge Rachel d Rob? Pet? Holebottom
1750 2-Dec Blackey Dorothy d Greenhow Hill