Pateley Bridge - Burial Register
Entries relating to Greenhow Hill, Coldstones, Hardcastle,
Holebottom & Moorhouses 1715 - 1750

1715 Simpson Ellen d Anthony Greenhow Hill
1716 Grange Mary w William Coldstones
1716 Needham Robert Greenhow Hill pauper
1716 Weatherhead Thomas High Hardcastle
1716 Simpson Janet w Christopher Greenhow Hill
1717 Simpson Mary w John Keld
1717 Ludlam Mary w William Kell
1717 Parker Mary Hardcastle Widow
1717 Simpson Adam Greenhow Hill old man
1718 Walker Sarah d Daniel High Hardcastle
1718 Dowgill John s John Greenhow Hill
1719 Dowgill William s John Greenhow Hill
1719 Robinson David Hardcastle
1719 Weatherhead Thomas Hardcastle
1720 Rodwell John Greenhow Hill
1720 Freeman Ann Richard widow of
1720 Cooper George Kell
1721 Bridberry Ellen d Mary? Greenhow Hill
1721 Simpson Hannah d Charles Greenhow Hill
1721 Simpson Dot w Anthony Greenhow Hill
1722 Joy Sarah d David Hardcastle
1722 Ludlam Anthony Greenhow Hill
1722 Dowgill George s John Greenhow Hill
1722 Simpson Ann d Peter Greenhow Hill
1722 Simpson Ann Greenhow Hill widow of old adam simpson
1723 Hill Charles Coldstones a poor miner of lead
1723 Cowper John Keld
1723 Dowgill Ann Greenhow Hill Widow
1723 Parker Mary d Robert Hardcastle
1723 Ward John s Samuel Hardcastle
1724 Downs Anthony Greenhow Hill
1724 Barton Miles Greenhow Hill a poor man
1724 Holt Henry s Simon Greenhow Hill
1724 Joy Thomas s John Greenhow Hill
1724 Walker Mary d Jane Greenhow Hill
1725 Ward Catherine w Edmund Greenhow Hill
1725 Howgate Old Anthony Coldstones
1725 Pounder Sarah d John Greenhow Hill
1726 Hurst James s Charles Coldstones
1726 Pearson {widow) Greenhow Hill
1726 Steel Ann w Thomas Greenhow Hill
1726 Ward George s Richard Greenhow Hill
1726 Ward Mary w Samuel Hardcastle
1726 Bennet John s Thomas Greenhow Hill
1727 Longthorn Mary d Roger Greenhow Hill
1727 Bradbury Mary w M Greenhow Hill
1727 Dowgill James s John Greenhow Hill
1727 Nicholson Esther w George Greenhow Hill
1727 Marshall Catherine w William Greenhow Hill
1727 Bradbury Mary d John Greenhow Hill
1728 Masefield Sarah d Peter Coldstones bap & bur
1728 Bagshaw George Greenhow Hill
1728 Firth? John s Robert Greenhow Hill
1728 Dowgill John Greenhow Hill
1728 Bradbury ? d John Greenhow Hill
1728 Thornhill John Greenhow Hill
1729 Simpson Anthony Greenhow Hill
1729 Bennett {widow} Greenhow Hill
1729 Simpson Andrew Greenhow Hill
1729 Bradbury Mary Greenhow Hill
1729 Bennett Ann d {widow} Greenhow Hill
1730 Bagshaw William Greenhow Hill
1731 6-Jul Whittam Susanna d Thomas Greenhow Hill
1731 14-Jul Maxfield John s Leonard Greenhow Hill
1731 01-Aug Burnet John Greenhow Hill
1731 07-Dec Ward Edmund Greenhow Hill
1732 12-Jan Carrington Dorothy Greenhow Hill
1732 15-Feb Steel Elizabeth d Thomas Greenhow Hill
1732 17-Apr Bagshaw Faith w Robert Greenhow Hill
1732 10-Jul Habershaw Henry Noonstone
1732 16-Aug Maxfield Isaac s Leonard Greenhow Hill inf
1732 21-Nov Dyson John s Valentine Greenhow Hill
1732 06-Dec Hardcastle Jane d William Hardcastle & Elizabeth Blakey (antenuptually begot) Greenhow Hill
1732 08-Dec Burnett Thomas s John (deceased) Greenhow Hill
1732 18-Dec Drabble William s William Greenhow Hill
1732 26-Dec Ward George s Richard Greenhow Hill
1733 08-Jan Ward Catharine d Richard Greenhow Hill
1733 16-Jan Dowgill Mary d Widow Greenhow Hill
1733 08-Aug Maxfield Mary d Leonard Greenhow Hill inf
1733 03-Dec Camm Laurence Coldstones Fold
1734 07-Feb Walker Anne w Daniel Greenhow Hill
1734 24-Feb Steel Elizabeth d Thomas Greenhow Hill
1734 31-Mar Steel Alice w Thomas Greenhow Hill
1734 20-Oct Thornhill John Greenhow Hill
1735 12-Jan Bridberry Mary d Robert Greenhow Hill
1735 02-Mar Asquith Jane d Thomas Greenhow Hill
1735 30-Mar Rodwill Martha d Robert Greenhow Hill
1735 18-Jun Wetherill Peter s Peter Holebottom
1736 10-Feb Weatherhead John s Peter Holebottom
1736 16-Feb Driver William High Hardcastle
1736 26-Mar Grange Widow Coldstones Fold
1736 16-Sep Blakey George High Hardcastle
1737 10-Jan Savile Elizabeth w John Hardcastle
1737 10-Feb Needham Francis s Edmund Greenhow Hill
1737 10-Feb Green Alice Holebottom Widow
1737 28-Mar Lupton Elizabeth d John High Hardcastle
1737 18-Aug Ashton Mary w Thomas Greenhow Hill
1737 22-Aug Topham Anne d Thomas Greenhow Hill
1737 28-Aug Stoney George s Thomas Coldstones
1737 10-Oct Bagshaw Anne d Robert Greenhow Hill
1738 21-Jan Grange Elizabeth w Peter Coldstones
1738 09-Apr Grainge Mary d William Noonstone
1738 14-Apr Needham Mary Greenhow Hill
1738 05-Dec Needham William Greenhow Hill an abortive child
1738 22-Dec Weatherhead Mary d Peter High Hardcastle
1739 17-Feb Martin Furnis Greenhow Hill Miner
1739 12-Jul Pounder Peter s William Coldstones Fold
1740 18-May Savil William s John High Hardcastle
1740 03-Jun Harrison Jane w Peter Greenhow Hill
1740 27-Jul Weatherhead Thomas s Peter High Hardcastle
1740 03-Aug Walker William s Daniel Greenhow Hill
1740 21-Dec Blackey Thomas Greenhow Hill
1741 15-Feb Ludlam William Greenhow Hill Miner
1741 15-Feb Grainge John s William Coldstones Fold
1741 01-Mar Ludlam Mary a William Greenhow Hill
1741 03-Mar Harrison Peter Greenhow Hill Boarder
1741 15-Mar Ashton Thomas s Edward Greenhow Hill
1741 27-Mar Thornhill Frances d Isaac Greenhow Hill Mr
1741 05-Apr Needham Thomas Greenhow Hill Miner
1741 25-May Thwate John s George Greenhow Hill
1741 31-May Steel Thomas Greenhow Hill Miner
1741 15-Jun Cranstone Annie d John Greenhow Hill Mr - Dissenting Minister
1741 08-Aug Dixon Anne High Hardcastle Widow
1741 14-Oct Simpson Hannah d Peter Greenhow Hill
1742 05-Jan Broucks Elizabeth Coldstones Fold an abortive child
1742 12-Feb Drable John s William Greenhow Hill
1742 14-Feb Lupton Elizabeth w John High Hardcastle
1742 23-Mar Ludlam Annie d William Greenhow Hill
1742 23-Aug Joy David High Hardcastle householder
1743 07-Apr Lupton Elizabeth d Thomas High Hardcastle
1743 28-Apr Simpson Elijah s Peter Greenhow Hill
1743 18-Jun Thornenaley Sessabella d Isaac Greenhow Hill Mr
1744 18-Feb Pickersgill Anna w Richard Greenhow Hill
1744 07-Apr Weatherhead Mary d Peter High Hardcastle
1744 09-Sep Ascough Anne Greenhow Hill Widow
1744 19-Sep Fielding Ellen Greenhow Hill Widow
1744 24-Sep Knowles Margaret High Hardcastle Widow
1744 11-Nov Maxfield Elizabeth Coldstones Fold Widow
1744 23-Dec Bagshaw Ann Greenhow Hill Widow
1744 29-Dec Weatherhead Anne d Peter High Hardcastle
1745 05-Feb Bridberry Thomas Greenhow Hill boarder
1745 21-Feb Jow Elizabeth Greenhow Hill Widow
1745 07-Apr Knowles Elizabeth High Hardcastle Spinster
1745 25-Jul Walker John s Hannah Greenhow Hill
1745 26-Jul Fielden Ellen Greenhow Hill Spinster
1745 26-Nov Joy David s David Greenhow Hill
1745 11-Dec Broucks James Coldstones Fold Miner
1746 09-Jan Lupton Elizabeth w John High Hardcastle
1746 03-Mar Ludlam Charles s William Greenhow Hill
1746 29-Mar Simpson Mary w Joseph Greenhow Hill
1746 27-Apr Simpson joseph Greenhow Hill Miner
1746 21-May Miller Mary High Hardcastle Widow
1746 24-May Walker Jane Greenhow Hill Widow
1746 01-Jul Weatherhead Peter s Peter High Hardcastle
1747 03-Feb Walker James Greenhow Hill Miner
1747 31-Mar Grainge William s William Coldstones Fold
1747 11-Apr Thornhill Isaac Greenhow Hill Yeoman (Mr)
1747 13-Apr Grainge Mary Noonstone Widow
1747 15-Apr Thornhill Sabella Greenhow Hill (Mrs) Widow
1747 05-Jun Weatherhead Richard s Peter High Hardcastle
1747 26-Sep Ludlam s William Greenhow Hill abortive son
1747 23-Oct Gill Thomasin d John Greenhow Hill
1748 06-Feb Ward Samuel Low Hardcastle Miner
1748 23-Feb Saviage Judith Greenhow Hill Widow
1748 23-Feb Stoney Thomas Coldstones Fold Miner
1748 10-Mar Blackey Francis s Thomas Greenhow Hill
1748 19-Mar Jackman Jane Greenhow Hill Widow
1748 29-Mar Bennet Alice Greenhow Hill Spinster
1748 21-Sep Walker s Austin Greenhow Hill abortive son
1749 06-Feb Ward Samuel Low Hardcastle Miner
1749 09-Apr Weatherhead Elizabeth High Hardcastle Boarder
1749 25-Apr Lupton Robert s Thomas High Hardcastle
1749 06-May Blackey Elizabeth d John Greenhow Hill
1749 27-May Grainge Elizabeth Coldstones Fold Spinster
1749 11-Jun Newbolt Mary w Robert Moorhouses
1749 13-Jun Bagshaw Greenhow Hill Miner
1749 23-Jul Know ? Richard Coldstones Fold Miner
1749 16-Sep Grainge Thomas s Peter Holebottom
1749 20-Oct Simpson Elizabeth w Emmanuel Greenhow Hill
1749 05-Dec Ludlam Barbara w William Greenhow Hill
1750 31-Jan Gill Thomasin w William Moorhouses
1750 06-Mar Burnet Elizabeth w John Greenhow Hill
1750 12-Apr Parker s Thomas Coldstones Fold Abortive son
1750 30-May Green Temperance w Thomas Greenhow Hill
1750 28-Dec Joy Ellen High Hardcastle Widow